Venice, Italy
Venice, Italy was the largest city in Europe during the Middle Ages. Cargo boats land here to drop off cargo and pick up cargo to take to the next port. Besides Cargo ships, fishing vessels land here to drop off there catch and return to the sea. Venice was still a island city, broken up by Canals. One of the main canals is called Grand Canal. Each island is covered with a Piazza's. These piazza's had shops, and homes. Certain piazas where dedicated to certain business like the out door market where fish monglers show off the catches of the fishermen and fruit vendors selling there crops. This city is the home of Marco Polo, Luigi Bellini, and Niccolo Polo. This city is where Nicole Anna Defuseh once lived. Raffuzio Pulpo, Due and Uno works as Business partners of the merchant Niccolo Polo. Mrs. Bellini and her daughter also live here and work here. Points of interest is Polo residence and Bellini residence. As well as the Venetian docks. Other sites that was mentioned was the island prison called Giudecca. One of the ways to get around Venice that existed during the time was Gondolas. During the time Venice was part of the Republic of Venice.