Robin Hood
Robin is a young boy from Loxley, South Yorkshire, England he traveled to Acre, Israel. He came to be a knight of the green clover, but instead spent two years of squire training, onion peeling and two years of disbelief in being a knight. He meet Marco, Luigi and Shi Antonio who came to the fortress to be temporary squires to get some horses. He fought Shi La in a one on one battle on a long board. He impressed Shi La enough that she sees him as a rival. He is willing to help Marco and his friends to get out of the knight hood by escaping the fortress at night. Instead they got caught and would been jailed if it was not for Shi La and her medicine. In the end he decided to return to England, hearing that there is trouble in his home country. Robin is a expert archer for he can shot not one but three arrows together. He has great acrobatic skills able to leap from a small bow to the top of a wall. As well as intelligent. He appeared in the episode The Knights of the Green Clover.