Raffuzio Pulpo
Raffuzio Pulpo is a adult Italian male from Venice. He is the boring, stay at home partner, banker and guardian for Niccolo Polo. Because no one knows about him, he is glad that Niccolo Polo did not come home. That means he gets everything he owns, his home, items, and the son. He does not care for his son, Marco Polo and his friend, Luigi. He is willing to take over his partners house and kick out his son to the street, as well Marco returned for the Journal, he was willing to send him to Giudecca, a fortress for bad people, bad kids and orphans. Raffuzio has two weakness, no one knows him and he can not swim. So he relies on his minions Uno and Due to fish him out of danger and protect him. He has so far appeared only in the first episode The Chinese Princess.