Polo Home
The Polo Home is the home stead of the Polo family. It is full of sculptures, art and many rare finds that Niccolo Polo has sent back to Italy on his travels through Asia. While Niccolo Polo is away it is home to Marco Polo and his mother Nicole Anna Defuseh, but when Nicole Anna Defuseh died the home was mostly run by Marco. He does have a cook who cooks for him according to Marco, other than that he is home alone. When one day after his father failed to return home from his trip from Asia. Raffuzio Pulpo, his goones Uno and Dew took over the house under a promise he made with Niccolo Polo. Raffuzio took every thing from Marco, his home and his fathers journal. This made Marco returned to his home getting in through a window and sneaking up to his father's office. There he meets Shi La Won. Shi La Won came to Marcos place by a crate that came from Asia. She took some clothes to change into and spotted the map that leads back to Asia and she tried to take it when the map got ripped in half. In the basement of the house there is a jail, here where Marco was left before being taken to Giudecca. There is a exit from the jail to the canal, where a gondola was waiting for.