Orestes is a elderly male that lives along the Ionian sea. He and his village where farmers and had years of bountiful crops. Recently the crops has disappeared and ground had turn to desert. Now he and his town has to buy food from the Lord of the land. Now with a debt to the Lord Blasios he and his villagers has to wreck ship in order to pay there debt. He and his villagers are only allowed to collect the scraps that the soldiers leave behind. He and his people have a hatred to Lord Blasios. He mistaken Luigi and Shi La as spies of Lord Blasios. Spite the hatred he and his people are kind to strangers when they are not allied to Lord Blasios. He and the villagers found Marco washed up on the shore and took care of him. Marco was able to help his village to pay there debt and restart there life as farmers again. In payment the village build a custom ship for Marco and his friends.