Luigi Bellini Profile
Luigi Bellini is your average 10 year old Italian boy. He loves having three square meals, a routine and a good bed. Than again on the road he likes to eat allot, he worries about everything from Curses to Ghosts. He keeps good luck charms from a Monkeys Paw to a Rabbits foot to war off bad luck.  Spite that he is the muscles of the group. He makes up where Marco and Shi La leaves out. He is a expert cook and can taste everything in the food he eats except for Saffron. He is good at Glass making. His plan besides staying at home and eat all of his moms cooking was to have Marco learn to make glass and when he is old enough to marry one of his sisters, so they can be real brothers. But on the road he fight over food with a bat and some his ideas are use able to both Shi La and Marco. In many words he is not the planer but the muscle.