Lord Bloodpudding
Lord Bloodpudding is a male adult knight from Knights of the Green Clover. He is leader of the hood, but lately he has been having some back problems. He got a doctor to fix him, but instead he was put to bed and have to suffer through all of the doctors treatments. He was brought in front of the turn coats Marco and his friends. Shi La released that there was something wrong and she would be capable of helping him. Marco promised that if Shi La could not fix Lord Bloodpudding's pain he will take 40 or 80 years of squire training which includes working in the kitchen, if she does fix him, they are free with horses and supplies for there trip ahead. Shi La asked that the guards to put him on the table and she revealed her doctor "instruments". Latter after a painful performance he showed to Marco, Luigi and Robin that he was better. As a promise he ordered for horses for the travelers and supplies for there journey. To replace there best and worse recruits the doctor took there place.