Head Soldier
The Head Soldier is a male Arabic male who works with the Syrian army. He is very protective and very paranoid. When Marco and his friends where having a drink of water at a desert well. He appeared out of no where demanding them to leave the well and accuses them as spies. He took Marco's diary thinking that it was a log of secret information based on the Syrian training in the desert. He pushed Marco for answers and evenly buried them up to there neck in sand. He was scared away by the sound of Lion Boy roar and the sight of the charging lion. When the circus came to his camp he was wary of the site of the circus and that they too where spies. After the site of Lion Boy and his lion scared him a second time, he charged at the lion causing the lion to flinch releasing that this was a show he allowed them to set up for a one night show. He showed up to the circus performance late, but in time for Luigi and Shi La's story of them and his appearance of him in desert. He became angry of the show and when the theater got knocked over realizing that the people telling the story was the kids he buried in the desert. He accused them of stealing and Marco accused him of stealing. He charges at the kids, when Lion Boy stops him, because of that Jarib was able to roar scaring him and giving up the journal and the show without leaving a warning of leave in the morning. He owns a pet dog, who is loyal to him. He was never named in the episode and he only appeared in the episode Buried in the Sand.