Hasinah profile
Hasinah is a young female Iraqi child that runs a pottery stand in the market of Mosul. At first she ferrous that Luigi knocked over all her urns. She even turned down money from Shi La for replacing the Urns. But when she saw the simple on the urns in Marco's book she realized they maybe able to help her. Hasinah maybe young but she is very bright, being the only daughter to a crazy Archaeologist she is able to help out her father and Marco to understand more of the pages in Marco's journal. Spite her help all she was able to do was go off and fix dinner. The next day, she was informed by Marco that his Journal was gone and she have not seen her father, they realized that he went off to Nineveh ruins. She braved a fall and sandstorm as well bats, snakes, arrow traps and the collapse of the ruins. In the end she was able to get back what she wanted her father. Hasinah says she might be living with her father, yet her father always seems to be far away.