Fu Fu Profile
Fu Fu is a well trained baby Greater Asiatic yellow bat. He is Shi La's pet from China. He is either flying around her, or with Luigi. The rest of the time he is looking for food. He will not stop eating, he can probably eat a 14 course meal. When it comes to food he will fight anyone for it. No matter the size of the opponent the best way is to let him eat. The other thing he cares more than food is Shi La. Like his food he is willing to protect his owner, if not to protect but to find help for her. Third thing he cares more is his sleep, most bats are nocturnal not Fu Fu. Night time he sleeps, curled up next to the warmest thing either a Yak or Shi La. Fu Fu is a very loyal friend to not just Shi La but to both Marco and Luigi. And will help them to rescue Shi La when she is caught.