In a time when the earth was believed to be flat and there was much to discover, young Marco Polo sets off to find his missing father, who vanished while exploring the Road to China. Along the way they learn about different people and cultures, make new friends, and work together to overcome obstacles and opponents alike.

Season 1 Edit

Screenshot Title Episode Original Airdate
The Chinese Princess
"The Chinese Princess" 1 January 11, 2014
Marco Polo, Luigi and Shi La Won begin a journey to find Marco's missing father.
"The Stowaways" 2 January 12, 2014
Marco and his friends are discovered by the Captain and Marco orchestrates an escape.
The Wreckers
"The Wreckers" 3 January 18, 2014
On the Ionian Coast, the trio meets the local inhabitants - a kind and gentle people.
Knights of the Green Clover
"Knights of the Green Clover" 4 January 19, 2014
Marco, Luigi, and Shi La join the Knights of Green Clover hoping to get horses for their journey.
Buried in the Sand
"Buried in the Sand" 5 January 25, 2014
A visit to a desert in Syria finds Marco, Shi La, and Luigi buried up to their necks in the sand.
"Homesickness" 6 January 26, 2014
Luigi is overcome with homesickness but when an army arrives, his travel plans are put on hold.
The Sunken City
"The Sunken City" 7 February 1, 2014
Marco and his friends hunt down the diary, despite the dangers beneath the golden sands...
The 1001 Arabian Nights
"The 1001 Arabian Nights" 8 February 2, 2014
Our heroes help a noble thief bring justice to the citizens of Baghdad.
Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves
"Ali Baba and the 40 Theives" 9 February 8, 2014
Marco, Luigi, and their new friend Ali Baba go deep into the desert to find missing Shi La.
The World's Best Chess Player
"The World Best Chess Player" 10 February 9, 2014
Marco must beat a Prince's master chess robot to win the trio's freedom
The Hot Winds of Hormuz
"The Hot Winds of Hormuz" 11 February 15, 2014
Marco learns to duck quickly when the legendary Hot Winds sweep through town.
The Flying Carpet
"The Flying Carpet" 12 March 23, 2014
The heroes are mistaken for Flying Carpet apprentices and must help the Sultan rescue his daughter.
The Caravansary of Heavenly Peace
"The Caravansery of Peace" 13 February 16, 2014
The heroes seek to identify a mysterious thief in the Binalud Mountains.
The Riddles of Samarkand
"The Riddles of Samarkand" 14 February 22, 2014
Shi La poses as a missing Princess while Marco and Luigi solve riddles to earn their freedom.
The Tournament
"The Tournament" 15 February 23, 2014
Marco and his friends enter a tournament and learn that teamwork will help them win.
The Rulers of the Sun
"The Rulers of the Sun" 16 March 1, 2014
The trio decide to give bungling sheep thieves a taste of their own medicine.
Sinbad and the Disappearing Sea
"Sinbad and the Disappearing Sea" 17 March 2, 2014
The heroes and Sinbad find themselves lost and surrounded by winds and sand dunes.
On the Roof of the World
"On the Roof of the World" 18 March 8, 2014
The trio travels through the Himalayas and learn how its people rely on each other.
The Great Spice Showdown
"The Great Spice Showdown" 19 March 9, 2014
Luigi's search for delicious cuisine in India stirs up a cooking competition!
In the Jungle
"Into the Jungle" 20 March 15, 2014
Marco, Shi La and Luigi travel the Indian jungle on an elephant and meet new friend Jayanti.
The Golden Cage
"The Golden Cage" 21 March 16, 2014
The trio help a Chinese Prince learn the value of freedom.
River Pirates
"River Pirates" 22 March 22, 2014
Marco, Luigi and Shi La are kidnapped by pirates and must find a way to escape.
At the Yellow River
"At the Yellow River" 23 March 29, 2014
The trio enter a cricket festival to win a boat to carry them down the Yellow River.
The Chinese Opera
"The Chinese Opera" 24 March 30, 2014
The heroes are mistaken for actors, setting the stage for dramatic twists and comical action.
The Secret of Silk
"The Secret of Silk" 25 April 5, 2014
When Luigi is mistakenly arrested, his friends must find the criminals and clear his name.
At The Court of Kublai Khan
"The Court of Kublai Khan" 26 April 6, 2014
The heroes arrive at their journey's destination where Marco's father's diary says he was headed.

Season 2 Edit

Season 2 is scheduled where it is found out that Shi La is not a Orphan and her mother is alive. Now it is up to Marco Polo and his friends to find her.  This time Marco and his friends are traveling through the Indian Ocean, to Africa and back to Europe.  The second season will start in the summer of 2018.  Season 2 is focusing on Shi La's story and her family.