Circus Owner
The Circus Owner is a short adult male. He owns the Circus located in the Syrian Desert. At first he wanted to have stay put circus placed in the middle of the desert. Originally people would come far and wide to see his show. But now his show stop being interesting to local towns and people than stopped coming. Marco explained that now a days Circus are traveling and you get more money when on the move than staying put. As well as being the owner, he is the shows MC, snack vendor, ring master and World Tallest Women assistant. He is always wants to get paid, he was not happy that Marco and his friends where not paying customers but guests with the Lion Boy. He was not happy when Fu Fu stole a peach or Mango from him before the show begun. He also instructs his performers to work hard and wanted Lion Boy and Jarib to act out the Cowardly Lion. He also wanted Marco and his friends to perform. He was not happy that Marco and his friends choose to do a Shadow play for the soldiers. But the Shadow performance was very successful and he revealed Marco and his friends to the Head Soldier. But in the end he was happy that Marco saved the show and he got paid by the soldiers.