Captain Alexander
Captain Alexander is a elderly European male boat captain. He appears in three episode, Stowaways, The Wreckers, and Knights of the Green Clover. He is a tough, stern, sea captain. He does not like thieves, lyres, and stowaways. He even does not like pirates. He is willing to throw Marco and his friends over board if they did not come clean, but instead he put them to work manning the oars. He and his crew where captured by pirates and Marco came back and made everything right. Because that he was free to be aboard his ship as honorary crew members. He did get his friends to help out around the ship such as tying down the cargo under neath the deck. His ship was destroyed by overlord soldiers and towns people of the Ionian coast, he and his crew where than captured by the soldiers and his cargo and there belongings where stolen by them. He gained a new boat when the villagers and soldiers of the Ionian Coast freed him and his crew after Marco showed the people of new way to plant crops and free them from there debt to Lord Blasios. His last appearance he was stock in port of the town of Acre. His boat was quarantined by the Knights of Green Clover and was not allowed to leave port until the quarantine was cleared.