Bashir is a adult male Irani from the city of Mosul. He is a deranged disgraced archaeologist. He became obsessed with the ruin city of Ninevah and its temple. This made him very distant to his daughter Hasinah. When he found out that Marco's father visited the Temple of Ninevah and wrote a hidden map within his diary, at night he sneaked into Marco and Luigi room replace Marco book with Hasinah doll. He sneaked off in to the night to the ruin city. Next time he was seen was in the temple of Ninevah trying to retrieve the golden idle from a trap pedestal. He said it is easy just need to find the right size object to replace it. Marco and his friends pleaded and blocked the idle. But his obsession was to much and he swiped and replaced the idle. The object was not enough to stop the trap from springing, which was bring down the temple and the city around them. While making his escape he dropped the idle and had to make the hard choice of saving his daughter instead. They exited a secret stairway to the surface in time. He thanked Marco and friends for saving him from himself.