Augustus is a male adult pirate that appeared in the episode Stowaways. He is the captain of the pirates that was working on Captain Alexander's boat as rowers. He instally started saying that he was a fisherman and that he his crew where innocent victims and Captain Alexander was the enemies. He tricked Marco into releasing him and his crew, then he took over the ship and locked Captain Alexander and his crew up and force them to man the oars. Once in charge he revealed that he and his crew where pirates. He decided to lock up Shi La in the captain quarters so he can get money from the sultin and force Luigi and Marco to walk the plank. He changed his mind when Marco said his friend is the best cook in Venice. He latter ate the spiked food and the next morning he took a row boat and investigate a close by island. He found that the kids where on the island and he eventually found Luigi. He forced Luigi to reveal what was hidden on the island which turned out to be treasure. He forced Luigi to carry the gold back to row boat and long with his men. He eventually got scared by Fu Fu flying in with a skull on his body and Shi La making ghostly noises. He chased down Marco and friends at there raft where he tried to get them return to the island. His crew returned and he took off to catch up to Marco and is friends raft, but his raft sunk do to being over weighted down with gold. He was latter pleading to return to ship and eventually locked up in oar deck. He is a lair and a thief, he can con anyone to believe him to be good.