Alexander's Ship
Alexander's Ship is a large cargo ship belonging to Captain Alexander. It manned by Ores and a sail. There is allot of places to hide. Marco, Luigi, Shi La and Fu Fu where hidden in the cargo hold. Over the cargo hold is the kitchen where the food is salted down for perservation on voyages across the sea. Here Marco and his friends where caught by the crew and it is here where Luigi made his famous Salted Fish Stew for the pirates. Under the deck is ore room where the pirates where held to row the ship. There is the captains room where Captain Alexander sleeps and eats. During the the voyage across the Adriatic Sea, the pirates took control of the ship by mistake putting Captain Alexander and his crew onto the oars. After attempting to rescue Shi La from the Captain quarters. They escaped at night to a nearby island. After the landing party unsuccessfully capture Marco and his friends. Marco let lose Captain Alexander and his crew to take on the pirates and reclaim the ship. In the Ionian Sea that is where the ship got destroyed by the treasure that was in the cargo hold and further destruction on deck when the ship crashed into a large reef, after its crew mistaken lights on the shore as friendly docks. It landed on the beach where it was emptied and further destroyed.